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Sahel Pride handcraft collection originates mostly from the Republic of Niger in West Africa. Niger is a country which features both the Sahara desert and the Sahel (semi-arid lands south of the Sahara, including those fed by the Niger River). Its southwestern borders side the Niger River and its northeastern borders trace the borders of Algeria, Chad, and Libya in the central Sahara.

Many of the handcrafted items sold here are inspired by those used in traditional rituals and dances mostly by tribes known as the Tuareg and Wodaabe. Our goal is to actively provide support to the hard working and very talented artists of the historic art museum of Niamey, the capital of Niger.

Decorations like colorful amulets, complexly-designed leather camel bags, objects like silver daggers, swords, and carved wooden masks are their most frequently created art forms. Many of these artworks originate from the northern Niger tribe known as Tuareg or “blue men of the desert” because of the indigo dye of their turbans. These handcraft collection works are all made without electricity, using only hand-powered tools. The necklaces are designed and manufactured mainly in the city of Agadez, which represents the heart of the Tuaregs’ region.

Sahel Pride is really about bringing places like Niger closer to the U.S and connecting more hand crafted cultural treasures of the Sahel with 21st century cultural globalization trends.


DS Concepts Consulting (DSCC) Overview:

DSCC) is a limited liability company (LLC) specializing in organization and management solutions with a focus on risk concerns for small businesses and government entities. We offer comprehensive consulting services for business continuity of operations plans (COOP) and provide online training for small to medium-sized organizations and individuals. Additionally, we deliver entrepreneurship research and training courses online.

In 2018, DSCC launched, a virtual store promoting the import of handcrafted art collections from West Africa, further diversifying its offerings and supporting cultural artisans.

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